Hands on Caring
 in Warkworth
What we do
Treatment of muscle injuries and Imbalances
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We provide a comprehensive range of physio and rehabilitation services for patients with all types of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions including:


Acute sports injuries

Work/occupational Injuries

Spinal pain and headaches

Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation

Joint pain and/or stiffness

Nerve related pain

Muscle injuries and imbalances

Where we are

 Therapists at our clinic have post-graduate training in Spinal Manipulation, Manual Therapy, Functional Training and Acupuncture. To help you in rehabilitating from your injury, treatment methods may include:


- Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation

- Massage

- Acupuncture

- Electrotherapy modalities (ultrasound/interferential)

- Exercise prescription and gym programmes


- Movement screening and corrective exercise training



Link to your prescribed exercise programmes with Physiotec here: